Expecting a baby? 

Or in the first 3 months of life with a newborn?

The Parent Prep 4th Trimester Education helps you to 'read' your baby and learn to understand and meet their own unique needs

We will look at how to read your baby's cues, respond to your baby's tired signs and effectively calm and settle them! 

Increase your confidence around infant sleep and settling and have a smoother transition to life with a newborn!


We will work with the use of educational videos, hands on work with your baby, or the Parent Prep 'stunt babies'.

• You will learn about normal newborn behaviour and sleeping patterns
• How to know when your baby is ready for sleep
• Settling and calming techniques
• How newborns communicate
• Preventing your baby from becoming overtired
• Settling baby when out and about
• All about the 4th Trimester and touch and try equipment that may assist you through this time!
• {If your baby has already been born} Parent Prep Nurses are certified providers of 'Newborn Behavioural Observation'. This technique can assist us to understand your baby's own unique strengths and challenges when it comes to sleep

Learn to read your baby, not the books!              

Cost of In Home 4th Trimester Education

$350 for a two hour session
This includes in home session, an eco-friendly sample bag and accompanying written notes.

Longer sessions can be arranged by request for families with newborns if required, at an additional cost.

Suitable as a refresher for those who have already had a Parenting Preparation session, or those who wish to gain new skills before or after the arrival of their new baby.

Please contact us if you have any further questions,
inquiries, or if you would like to make a booking.