Parent Prep was founded in 2012 by Rebecca Stone, in Melbourne.

Rebecca is a Registered Nurse, early parenting and Registered Circle of Security Parenting educator and mother of two. Working as an Associate Nurse Unit Manager of a residential early parenting unit, she has seen many families experiencing transition to parenting difficulties and struggling to understand their baby's cues and needs. 

Having experienced many of these challenges herself as a new parent, she sees that education and gathering skills and knowledge before baby is born, alleviates many if the worries about what is to come and boosts a family's confidence. 

When planning for the birth of her first child, Rebecca attended all the antenatal classes the hospital offered and also an independent birthing workshop, held over a weekend. During these classes and workshops, she was struck by how little was discussed about after the baby is born. She searched at the time for some sort of education to fill this gap between birth and baby, but was unable to find anything that could prepare her for the realities of life with a newborn.