Below you can find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions that we receive but if you find that your question is not covered here then please don't hesitate to contact us.

What qualifications do Parent Prep consultants have?

Parent Prep Educators are Registered Division 1 Nurses (registered with AHPRA) and Early Parenting Educators. We also work in the acute or early parenting sector with new families and babies. We hold Adult Training and Assessment qualifications, are trained in Newborn Behavioural Observation. Rebecca is also a Registered Circle of Security Parenting educator. 

Are you baby gurus?

We have learned early parenting and infant care skills through our training and working with many new families. We know how hard it is to welcome a new baby and bring up children. We want to help you to be as prepared as you can be, have a solid base from which to start your parenting career from and have realistic expectations of your newborn. You can feel comfortable knowing we hold current 'Working With Children' checks and are very careful to give you the best evidence based information available to us at the time. Parent Prep Educators also work in collaboration with other health professionals and we can refer families to these other professionals or support services, when additional help is required. 

Do you prescribe to one particular style of parenting or another?

We work on promoting responsive parenting, because this is what the evidence is showing us gives the best long term outcomes for our children. Our education is geared to explaining why this is and helping you to understand why it is important, right from the newborn stage onward! We will ask you about your family's specific needs, try to accommodate these and have you get what you want from the session. 

Do you cover birthing in your Parent Prep Classes?

No, we do not specific birthing topics. We think these subjects are already well covered by birthing education courses that are already widely available in Melbourne. We are 'not about birth, all about parenting' and were created in response to the our own experience of feeling unprepared for 'what comes after' the baby is born. We look comprehensively at preparing for baby and then from meeting your baby onward! 

When are In Home Parent Prep and Postnatal Support consultations available?

These can be arranged weekdays or weekends, as available. Please contact us to enquire about availability. We are often booked some weeks in advance, so it pays to contact us as early as you can. 

What if I live outside of the Melbourne metro area?

Please see our coverage area map. If you live outside this area please contact us to see if you can be visited for an additional travel fee.

Where are Parent Prep group classes held?

Group classes are currently run in Kensington and Brunswick East, in Melbourne.

When do you recommend I begin my Parent Prep?

If you are pregnant, between 20 and 30 weeks gestation is ideal. If you will be welcoming a baby via surrogacy, or are adopting, then around three months before the baby arrives is fine. We recommended you Parent Prep before you purchase major products, such as a pram or a cot, as we want to make sure families are choosing the safest equipment possible! .

How can I pay for my in home services?

You can pay by direct deposit or with a credit card, via Paypal. All in home bookings require payment in advance. This will ensure your booking date is secure. Group classes payments are made at the time of booking with a credit card, via the booking link. 

Are Payments Refundable?

Please see our Terms and Conditions for our in home and group class cancellation policy.

Please contact us if you have any further questions,
inquiries or would like to make a booking