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Antenatal Parenting Preparation is designed ideally to be done between the 20th and 30th week of pregnancy, before you buy too much baby gear and you’ve still got time to prepare. Our class sizes are strictly limited to 10 – 12 people, to ensure all participants have their individual learning needs met.

The topics covered in the pre-class Ebook, during your class and in the Parent Prep Manual are:

  • Preparing for baby – Parenting begins the moment your new baby is born. How do you prepare your home, your relationships and yourself with skills and knowledge to get through those vital first few months? Save time and money by finding out which equipment you really need and don’t need and how to purchase the safest baby gear possible!
  • Getting to know your newborn – What do they look like? How do they behave? Learn how to ‘read’ your baby’s own unique cues. ‘Building’ your baby’s brain and how to give them the best start in life you can!
  • The Early Parenting phase for you and baby – The 4th Trimester’. Creating a secure attachment with your baby and having the smoothest transition to parenting you can possibly have!
  • Newborn Sleep and Settling – With a real ‘sleep school’ Nurse and Midwife, learn about newborn sleep and practice how to calm and settle the ‘stunt babies’ in varied and effective ways. Touch and try various sleeping equipment, see what might work for you!
  • Safe Sleep –  Learn and practice Safe Sleeping and wrapping guidelines
  • Getting out and about – How to purchase the safest pram and infant car seat. Be guided through different babycarriers and wraps and how to use these safely.
  • Nappy options – Look at all the options and get busy changing some nappies!
  • Complete Baby care – How to hold, wash, feed, burp and care for your new baby
  • Feeding overview – All about feeding your baby. We will look at breastfeeding and artificial feeding and feeding related equipment
  • Hidden dangers in baby products and toys – Minimising your baby’s exposure to toxins and chemicals
  • Basic first aid and infant CPR (Hands on CPR with Manikin) – When to worry when your baby is sick and how to save your baby’s life in an emergency!


What Sarah said about her antenatal Parent Prep experience: Sarah

“We did a Parent Prep class before our first baby came along and couldn’t have found it more helpful. It gave us so much useful and practical information on what we would need when we became first time parents – it was like having an “insider” giving you lots of secret information that’s very hard to get elsewhere! Rebecca was so lovely and friendly and explained things very clearly and in practical terms. Now we are due to have our second baby and I’m already looking back on the information Parent Prep gave us to refresh my memory! Couldn’t recommend this course more highly if you want to get well prepared and load yourself up with lots of great baby care and parenting knowledge”

Upcoming Classes


July 2018 Class: Sold Out

Date: Sunday 8th July, 2018
Time: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm (est. finish)
Location: North Melbourne


September 2018 Class: Sold Out

Date: Sunday 9th September, 2018
Time: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm (est. finish)
Location: North Melbourne


October 2018 Class: Book Now

Date: Sunday 21st October, 2018
Time: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm (est. finish)
Location: North Melbourne


PLEASE NOTE: If the group class dates are not suitable for your family, this education can be booked as a private In Home Parenting Preparation session.

  • Cost : $395 per couple, $345 per single
  • Your class cost covers : Your pre-session eBook packed with great preparing for baby information, all your education on the day, a copy of the Parent Prep Baby Manual and an eco-friendly sample bag.